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Grand Champion Haas's Majestic Black Opal

Wow!! This girl knows how to ROCK the Show Ring!! Opal finished very quickly with some AMAZING WINS, Including back to back Major's At The Chihuahua Nationals! Opal is 3 lbs full grown with a huge personality.  Everyone who meets her wants to take her home but she's not going anywhere lol 

"Grand Champion Haas's Grand Master Yoda"  Such an amazing little boy at 2.5 lbs, with a huge heart. Yoda loves everyone but especially himself lol he knows he's the bomb! Bred by Haas Chihuahuas
Champion Haas's Grand Master Yoda, Yoda got his Championship in his first two show weekends out in the ring at 7 month old. WOW what a FABULOUS BOY!! His very first time in the ring he got WD & BOW for a 4 pt. Major & Repeated that in the same weekend for another 4 pt. Major. Yoda received his Grand Championship by 9 months old and now he's home enjoying life and girls. This boy was made for the show ring & trust me he thinks everything is all about him! He Loves Everyone & Expects that Everyone Loves Him! Yoda would love for you to check out his Photo Album in our Photo Gallery Link to see more pics of him & learn more about him!

Yoda Update: Yoda's 5 point Major & Champion Defeat with his amazing handler Andrea Carter. Also his 4 point Major & Champion Defeat at the Kalamazoo MI. Chihuahua Specialty. Where there was so much amazing competition with some outstanding dogs. I was so thrilled to be able to attend this show and watch my little man in the ring for the first time with Andrea. I can't praise Andrea enough for all she does for me and for the dogs she shows. She shows with integrate & love. It was great to be able to be there for such an incredible win!

     International USA & Canadian Champion Mr. Jackson     



Haas Chihuahuas Kennel was established in 1999, when we started with Chows and Shar-peis. We were known for breeding great dogs with great temperaments. After purchasing our first Chihuahua we could not believe the Love and Devotion she gave us. Due to Chihuahuas stealing our hearts, We decided to dedicate our breeding to only them! Our Goal is to breed Healthy, Well Temperament Dogs to AKC Standards, so we can share our Joy with other families. All of our dogs are registered with AKC American Kennel Club because they uphold the breed standard and have the best interest in what is best for the breed.
As you can see, I love taking pictures but its so easy to get carried away when you have such lovely subjects. Please enjoy our website, it will truly tell you who we are and what devotion we have for these amazing little dogs.  


Champion Haas's Life Is A Highway Arizona with her handler Andrea Carter after her Major Wins & Multiple Group Placing


This Girl knows how to bring ribbons home!


We do not place our stock with byb?s, petshops, animal collectors, auctions, brokers, Ect. We are in good standing with AKC and CKC! 

GRAND Champion Haas's There's A New Girl In Town Jessie, Bred by Haas Chihuahuas (Owned by James McCoy) 


Find us on Facebook, Click the link below & send us a friends request. We add lots of extras, including more pictures to our Facebook page! Plus you can see what our puppy families have to say about us and there new Haas Chihuahua! Hope to see you all there soon!

Specializing in Blues & Blue Merle's

Home Sweet Home 

BE WARNED My Chihuahuas come pre spoiled! Cared for by myself, my husband, and our boys. They are brought up to be around children and other pets, so when they go to their forever homes they will be ready to love everyone.

Our dogs are raised like royalty, treated as members of our family,  and are raised in our home not in a kennel. Our founded passion for these tiny treasures just keeps getting stronger and stronger. With each family we meet and each baby chihuahua born in our home we feel a new devoted love as each one will always have a place in our hearts. 

We are always there for our puppies and dogs! So even after you adopt from us we are here to answer your questions, give you advice, or give you suggestions to help you when needed. We love seeing them all grown up and loved in there forever homes.  

                         Haas Chihuahuas are Loved & Treated as Royalty


 This is a picture taken at our 15 year Anniversary photo shoot 2012

Haas's A Splash Of Sydney" Girl STAYING HERE Blue Merle w White Mrkgs. My little laid back sweetheart!

Introducing "Kinseys N Haas's Wild Alaska"


"Haas's Maliblue Barbie Doll"  She is blue fawn 4 lbs full grown and out of Sungold Jasmine & USA/Canadian/Japan Champion Samajoto's One N Only Knockout. She has over 51 Champions in her 5 generation pedigree.


One of our Puppies Made the Paper in Maryland.

Click the picture below to read the article.


Delilah and Terry

Delilah and her owner Terry Grubb at the Law Office of Robert Jones and Sharon Walla in Elkton.

Next to Terry Grubb's desk is a sign: "Beware of Attack Chihuahua." Sleeping next to it is three-pound Delilah.

"People think she's a toy. Then she'll get up and greet them," Grubb said.

The dog has been part of the law offices of Robert V. Jones and Sharon Walla on East Main Street in Elkton since Grubb got the dog in December 2009.

Charley ( Cocoa Bean & Scrappy Doo's puppy now in with his forever family)                                                            


Shamu Now With His Forever Family!

       Haas Chihuahua is AKC Inspected and approved.  Kennel inspections ensure the integrity of the AKC registry and monitor care and conditions at kennels across the country. The AKC is the only purebred dog registry in the United States that maintains a systematic and sustained investigation and inspection effort. The AKC conducts about 5,000 inspections each year to ensure compliance with standards that support the health, safety and welfare of dogs and the environments in which they live.


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

~Roger Caras

Ever consider what our dogs think of us? I mean, here we come from a grocery store with the most amazing haul, chick n, pork, half a cow. They must think we're the greatest hunters on earth!

~Anne Tyler

Any body who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.

~Franklin P. Jones

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.

~Andy Rooney

Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate.

~Sigmund Freud

Check out our Puppy Page to see the new babies!

Above "GRAND CHAMPION Haas's Life Is A Highway Arizona" Back to Back Major in KY.

Above  CH. Haas's Arizona 4pt. Major

Below is CH. Haas's Grand Master Yoda, Yoda Won his Championship at ONLY 7 Months old and in his First 2 weekends in the Ring. WOW what an AMAZING Little Boy!! Now 8 months old and only 2 points away from his Grand Championship, with amazing 5 pt. & 4 pt. Majors & Champion Defeats.

USA & Canadian CHAMPION Mr. Jackson

Grand Champion Gizmo Below

Champion Prince Below

Look for some of our dogs in the Show Ring. Now Showing is our CH. Yoda, others will be entering the ring soon, including our little Opal! Thanks so much to our good friend & handler Andrea Carter of True Shot Handling!

We are located in Southern Michigan, on the Northern Indiana Michigan Border Near, Elkhart IN., South Bend IN., Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Chicago, Michigan. We would rather you come to our home to pick up your baby but we realize that is not always possible and so we have safe means of shipping if needed.


We have some AMAZING planned breeding's for this 2016 year

Check out our Puppies For Sale Page for more INFO


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